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All materials are suitable for ages 8-10.

Poor penguins. They look so klutzy! Join the penguins as they move through their natural habitat, feed and avoid predators in this board game. 

Penguin Board Game

Goldilocks was quite klutzy in the famous story. However, have you met Goldiklutzylocks? A distant cousin perhaps. Join her with the three bears. She's going to need some problem solving help to get back to summer camp. Somehow she's lost in a nearby forest.

Goldiklutzylocks and the Three Bears


Mmmmm. How can being klutzy and spelling rules meet? Find out as every rule you'll ever need for
Grades 3 and 4, Years 4 and 5 or Third Class and Fourth Class are reviewed. And if you ever confuse
your spelling rules, remember one handy hint to help check. Read your work backwards. That's right. It works!
A Journey Through England and Spelling Rules

Whoops! One of the klutziest events in history. Christopher Columbus was meant to sail to China and the Indies, but landed on a Caribbean island.


This is an excuse to be klutzy! Art meets mathematics. Create a random piece of art and find symmetry within it, as well as the world around you.

Klutzy Art Meets Symmetry


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